Postman Alternative: Hoppscotch - open source, self-hosted API development ecosystem

Postman Alternative: Hoppscotch - open source, self-hosted API development ecosystem

One thing I noticed in the previous week is... there are so many people trying to move away from Postman, desperately searching for an alternative.

In this regard, let's dig into a side-by-side comparison of Postman and Hoppscotch, shedding light on the features and exploring how Hoppscotch can enhance your API-building, testing, and sharing experience.


Web app:

Open Source

​Hoppscotch's open-source nature has helped to keep the contributors, users, and developers in sync. The transparency and trust built over time have led to swiftly addressing the issues, conducting open discussions on feature requests, and delivering a stable and reliable platform.


As the name suggests, a collection is an organized group of API requests. With Hoppscotch, you can create any number of collections and organize the saved requests inside folders for better navigation.


An environment is a reusable set of key-value pairs that can be utilized in creating requests and writing scripts. It also helps to manage the shared data among the team members in a workspace. While accessing the environment variables in Request URL Bar, Hoppscotch offers an edit property to make changes to the variables then and there if needed.


Keep track of your API requests and responses with Hoppscotch. As soon as you hit send to initiate a request, the call is recorded by hoppscotch and saved under History. To check out previous requests, click on the History icon and access when needed.


Use Hoppscotch Teams to create an instant API development environment with your team members or invite collaborators outside your organization to contribute to it. Manage the permissions and assign suitable roles as per need.


To attain complete control of your API development workflow try Hoppscotch's self-host version. Configure and set up Hoppscotch on your local machine and get access to the admin dashboard where you can manage teams and users in your workspace.

Pre-Request Scripts and Tests

Create test cases and perform test runs on responses you receive after sending requests. Hoppscotch provides JavaScript APIs that can be used in writing pre-request scripts and building tests. Use snippets present at the sidebar for different fields to know more about them.

Multi-Protocol Support

Execute REST API requests, GraphQL queries and work with real-time protocols like Web Socket, Socket.IO, SSE, and MQTT.

Hoppscotch CLI

Set up Hoppscotch CLI and configure your APIs by exporting the collections and environments. Follow a set of commands to get a test summary of the API.

And that's a wrap. Explore Hoppscotch and stay tuned with releases to keep track of what's cooking and new at our platform.

Join our vibrant community in Discord. Help us understand how Hoppscotch has assisted you and share any suggestions you may have for us to work on by filling out the feedback form.