How Hoppscotch is building an open source "API development ecosystem"

How Hoppscotch is building an open source "API development ecosystem"

At Hoppscotch, our focus has been on empowering developers to focus on their work of building and testing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In the past year, we have come a long way and we are excited to share the latest milestones in our journey.

Today, we’re announcing that we’ve raised $3M in seed funding led by OSS Capital! Additionally, we are excited to share a slew of new product updates aimed at re-envisioning the principles and practices to continue developing the best-in-class tool for developers to create APIs.

Next-generation companies are built with Hoppscotch

Thousands of companies –from early teams to growth-stage –use Hoppscotch to develop and test APIs. Employees from Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, Cisco, RedHat, Verizon, Emirates, OLX are just a few examples.

Hoppscotch’s tools and API development methodologies are becoming the standard for high-performing teams, and the 500,000+ people-strong Hoppscotch community represents a welcoming and fast-growing hub of globally productive developers. Tools like Hoppscotch have become even more critical as companies operate on headless API-driven methodologies. APIs represent the future of making software and communicating data.

Partnering with OSS Capital

Following our progress, and to accelerate and to continue taking Hoppscotch to the next level, we’ve partnered with OSS Capital for our Seed. Joseph Jacks (general partner, OSS Capital) led our seed round and joins our board. We admire and resonate with OSS Capital’s and Joseph’s long-term approach to company building and respect their exceptional track record of backing next-generation, category-defining COSS companies.

“OSS Capital is honored to partner with Liyas Thomas in leading the seed round for Hoppscotch, alongside Automattic — the creators of WordPress. Since first learning about Liyas and his work through the community, our first seed investment, we quickly developed a strong sense of the passion, authenticity, and exceptional vibrancy exhibited in the Hoppscotch community. As API-driven development continues to become a fundamental driver of digital innovation and transformation, we believe Hoppscotch will shape and further evolve the cutting edge of API tooling for developers everywhere. In a short period since launching, Hoppscotch has captured the adoption and loyalty of 500,000+ developers globally, and established itself as the fastest-growing open-source ecosystem in India, and globally in its category. Congratulations to Liyas and team on their success so far!”

— Joseph Jacks

Founder and General Partner, OSS Capital

In addition, several industry leaders are participating in this round and bringing on their insights and networks:

  • Austen Allred, co-founder & CEO of Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School)
  • Paul Sieminski, chief legal officer of Automattic
  • Clint Smith, chief legal officer of Discord
  • Tod Sacerdoti, founder & CEO of PipeDream

This funding, along with the support from our investors, gives us the resources to really accelerate and go after defining the new standard for software development.

Looking ahead

We started Hoppscotch in August of 2019, with a simple insight: building and testing APIs has increasingly grown in complexity. The current approach is to layer on more processes and cumbersome tools. We want to see a world that unwinds all of this complexity by providing the practices and tools that fit the developers' workflow, empowering teams to focus on the act of building.

We are grateful for all the support we have received from our customers, partners, and investors. Let’s make software as a craft feel magical again.

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Liyas Thomas

Founder & CEO, Hoppscotch