ebb - Feel life again from a new perspective

ebb - Feel life again from a new perspective

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Feel life again from a new perspective.


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Why ebb?

Hi 👋

I'm Liyas, previously I've made Hoppscotch and other couple of open source projects. For the past 5+ years I've been in the web development and open source community. Throughout my life I only saw mental health issues on the TV and newspapers. I considered mental health issues as other people problems until I saw it manifest within my family and friends. Now I'm scared of the thought that someone I love, cherish, and respect could experience something dramatic and terrifying alone.

ebb is merely a productivity tool trying to fix this issue - because mental health is as important as physical health.

I started working on ebb couple of weeks ago and I hope I'm eligible to participate in Hashnode Hackathon Powered by Vercel. This is my submission under the project category: Productivity. I'm considering this opportunity not only to showcase this project but also to get the word out and encourage my fellow developers to take mental health seriously - because productivity is not about doing more work.


"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is ebb?

ebb is a web app that gamifies stress/anxiety/depression management in an actionable manner to provide relief. We developed ebb to address the problem statement of using technology to aid issues centered around mental health.

We want to help people with stress/anxiety/depression realize their ability to take control of their condition and take actionable steps to obtain a positive impact on their mental health.

An immersive task-based journey that inspires people towards self-discovery and emotional maturity to gain the ability to be fully present in the moment.



Project ebb is inspired by Carl Pullein's blog post "Productivity is not about doing more work.".

Productivity is not about doing more work.

— Carl Pullein

There’s a perception that to become more productive means doing more work. Yet that is not the purpose of becoming more productive at all. Becoming more productive is about becoming more effective at getting your work done so you can spend more time doing the things you want to do with the people you love being with.


  1. ebb quantifies the user's stress/anxiety/depression level to be spent on a prescribed set of activities before the day ends. By doing so, users inadvertently take actionable steps to deal with their condition.

  2. Users then decide on the activities to spend their days on, the reward they get for completing them (to positively reinforce the habit of taking actionable steps to deal with their condition).

  3. When users check back in, ebb prompts them to reward themselves, then proceeds to re-evaluate their stress/anxiety/depression levels.

  4. If their stress/anxiety/depression levels are not up to mark, users get to re-attempt the challenge with their re-evaluated levels, restarting the whole process.

Productivity tools and mental health apps usually take the form of mood trackers, which are useful, but offers very little that's actionable beyond telling the user what they should do.

ebb focuses on getting users to take action by helping them to visualize their tasks that needs to be completed before the day ends. Spending time on such task is equivalent to doing activities that could lower your negative emotion levels, and we are not aware of any other apps that does something similar in terms of gamification.

ebb helps to solidify the habit of taking actionable steps to deal with one's condition by getting users to pick a reward prior, then administering it after they’ve completed their tasks. The premise for this idea is positive reinforcement, in which learning accompanied by positive feelings are more likely to be remembered. Thus, the associating of rewards with the successful spending of credits is effective in encouraging users to deal with their condition in an actionable manner in the long run.


Emotion tracking

Learn about your mood patterns and visually see yourself improve.


Level up your emotional states as you learn, challenge yourself with daily tasks.


Take actionable steps to earn rewards - learning accompanied by positive feelings are more likely to be remembered.


Count how many consecutive days you're able to complete tasks.


All your information in any device, anywhere, every time.


Minimal UI, efficient UXClean UI with TailwindCSS, soothing Lottie animations
Fast, static pagesVue, Nuxt (static mode) on front-end, server less Firebase as backend, Vercel for hosting
Visualize mood patternsEmoji animations to resonate current mood
Reinforce the habit of taking actionable steps to deal with their conditionRewards for completing tasks
Users don't know how to complete activitiesYouTube video tutorials for every activity
Password less sign inAuthentication with Firebase + sign in with Google or GitHub
Real-time databaseReal-time database with Firebase Firestore



  1. Add current emotion

  2. Choose a fun task

  3. Choose a reward

  4. Finish the task before day ends to gain reward

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Please open an issue for support.


Please contribute using GitHub Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a pull request.

Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our CODE OF CONDUCT, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

Future scope

  • Allow users to add/edit/delete emotions, activities.
  • Allow users to share Completed streaks banner in social sites.
  • i18n (added MVP beta support - need contributors)


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

Love yourself

Feel life again from a new perspective.
Because we believe software do save lives.