Celebrating 10,000+ stars on GitHub together! ⭐ ❀️️

Celebrating 10,000+ stars on GitHub together! ⭐ ❀️️


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Postwoman is celebrating the milestone of reaching 10,000 GitHub stars πŸŽ‰

This is an achievement of our whole community! Thank you for each pull request, implementation, love and any other commit that you made to improve Postwoman! We are lucky to build this open-source PWA for API testing with such an amazing and engaged bunch of people around πŸ™Œ

To honor our 10,000th star on GitHub, we invite you to join our celebration feature: i18n 🌎 beta

John Harker, Nick Palenchar, Andrew Bastin, James George, Hossein Nedaee - thank you for showing us the real power of our community.

Let’s do a quick time-travel through our journey, πŸ‘€ gaze at our milestones, and wrap it up with a glance through the exciting things in the pipeline.

The Beginnings 🌱

Aug 21, 2019 - 6.30 PM

It's the 2nd week at my first ever job in the role of a full-stack dev. New job, new location, I was pretty excited πŸ˜„. I was assigned to do the API integration of an old project. That's when I came across Postman API testing tool. I installed it, but it crashed my PC when I opened it for the very first time. I use a low-end PC and can't possibly afford to run another Electron app. I was depressed 😞

7.30 PM

After desperately trying few online cURL tools, I literally said 😑 "f*ck it!". So I started with an HTML page: one <select>, one <input> and one <button> tag. That's it.

11.30 PM

MVP is done. Working, far better than any other online cURL tools. I was so happy 😊 because I could use this from tomorrow onward at workplace. Before shutting down, I pushed my small project to GitHub πŸ™ (as always).

Aug 22, 2019 - 4.00 AM

I woke up from bed to find out 100+ notifications on my phone. It's all from GitHub. Stars, forks, and few issue tickets.

I was super excited to get that much fame (~100 stars, >20 forks) on GitHub. I ran to my PC, wrote an article on my favorite platform - here on hashnode.com. Later I spend that day at workplace.

Fast Forward to Oct 1

Project now have 2,000+ stars and 100+ forks. John Harker, Nick Palenchar, Andrew Bastin, Hossein Nedaee and izerozlu joined the team ⚽

We added more HTTP request methods, more customizations, WebSocket support, authentication, headers, parameters and history πŸ”₯

Fast Forward to Nov 1

Many bugs were fixed, more features were added. Added Proxy, Collections, Pre-request scripts + env variables.

At that time, We thought 5,000 stars was already incredible, but the support from the community has kept steadily growing at a faster pace πŸš€

Nov 25

Launched Postwoman v1.0.

Fast Forward to Present

Postwoman just crossed 10K GitHub stars, with a total of 41 contributors, and over 860 commits.

What’s next?

We are preparing a new release of Postwoman for version v2.0, which will come with enhanced performance as well as a myriad of features and issue fixes contributed by the PW team but also many of our contributors. Thanks to our contributors we are able not only to find defects on our projects but also to fix them faster and provide a direction to the whole project.

A good example of this is our commitment to building support for the GraphQL playground. The community was an essential factor that led GraphQL to make it to the top of our roadmap. We are continuously listening to your feedbacks, so please make sure you join us and share your ideas on:

or get in touch directly with me via email at liyascthomas@gmail.com or on Twitter @liysathomas

And if you really want to help us make Postwoman better, contribute to our GitHub repo!

Postwoman is free, and always will be.

Support us on:

Remember, we are not stopping here. Each day we change Postwoman to make it the best free, fast and beautiful testing solution. Star the repo on GitHub, Tweet, share among your friends, teams and contacts! Follow me on Twitter to get the latest changes, improvements, and community updates!

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